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Week 15 Reflection

So this week, I decided to break my rules. I skipped the standard of doing one post a week per category and instead did a mini series on do's and don'ts while abroad. It started with a general Do's and Don'ts while International which just have - give or take - 10 rules to follow in… Continue reading Week 15 Reflection

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Week 14 Reflection

So this week I switched the game up a bit. Instead of doing my standard city/country destinations, I did a post about 15 Festivals of the World You've Gotta See, which included where the festivals were held, when, and what they consisted of in summarized form. It was actually quite fun to hear about all… Continue reading Week 14 Reflection

Europe, Reflections 3177, Travel

Week 13 Reflection

So this week I had a grand ol' time researching, writing, editing, and reformatting featured images for posts. To start, my Destination category was about Where to Go in Germany and included castles with a bit of back story and statistics, cities with a list of sites/activities to do, the standard other category of places scattered… Continue reading Week 13 Reflection

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Week 12 Reflection

So this week I believe I've massive improved the formatting on my posts. Before, I had several different styles mixed into one post, and it is not in any way visually appealing (and I'll have to go back and edit that post...). So this time, I kept it simple. For my Travel Tips category, I… Continue reading Week 12 Reflection

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Week 10 Reflection

I went into this class with every intention of using what I learned beyond it. Because of this, I invested into a BlueHost account with a yearly subscription for a pretty penny. I searched through a great number of templates, listed the ones I liked and after searching my soul while going through them, I… Continue reading Week 10 Reflection

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Week 6 Reflection

So this week wasn't our most exciting, but it did have its interests. I enjoyed leisurely exploring thoughts others have on Wikis: how they're run, how they can be used, problems with them, functions, collaboration, personal use, etc. I wrote on WikiAsAPersonalNotebook and listed a number of uses for wikis which I found from a couple articles… Continue reading Week 6 Reflection

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Week 4 Reflection

So this week I got a new perspective on the idea of creating one's self, regardless of medium. I expect to see a picture of someone when I think "self-portrait." Logically, I'm aware that one can create an "image" of one's self through words or ideas, anything that is relevant to said individual, but it… Continue reading Week 4 Reflection