Reflections 3177, Travel

Week 16 Reflection

This week I focused on the Travel Fiction category. Seeing as how I have been giving a lot of effort to build up Destinations and Travel Tips, even designating a whole week just to Travel Tips, I figured I ought to give the fiction a bit of credit.

So usually when I do this, I look up a general location and try to find pictures that can be legally used, have technically attractive photography, and inspire me in some way or form.

Because I haven’t talked about anything outside of Europe at this point, I decided to try Africa. I found a cool picture of a suspension bridge over some water and went researching to find information about the location. (You can’t write a story on a picture without knowing some background after all.) Located in South Africa is a national park, and there a series of bridges cross the Storms River mouth as the river exits (or enters from, possible) into the Indian Ocean. When I thought of characters, I thought a person afraid of crossing the bridge would make for an interesting story, and because I’ve largely written about solitary characters so far, I figured I ought to give the person someone to be with. The result is a funny brother-sister interaction while traveling in South Africa.

The next one, though shorter, was much harder to do. I’ve heard from people who’ve been there, that you can tell something happen there. It’s supposed to be an eerie, haunted feeling. I chose Auschwitz as the concentration camp due to its infamy and reputation for killing near one million people in a matter of several years. I struggled a bit because I was trying to get a sense of hauntedness without directly talking about it until the end. I don’t know if it worked to encompass that, possibly it looked like I tried too hard. I’m not sure. I’ll probably come back and look at it in the future to get a second, more clear-minded impression.

It was interesting reading the Studio Tours, too, this week. Part of the response was very encouraging, and the readers to my page seemed to enjoy the Travel Fiction which I was glad to hear.

It was pointed out that the titles on the Featured Images were not consistent in the list of posts on the home page. I was aware of this, but, as much as it pisses me off, I don’t think the system allows for me to adjust what part of the picture is shown in the thumbnail. My issue is that those titles on the images are to make appropriate Pinterest Pins, but they do not look good on the thumbnails or the slider (it overlaps with the automatic title placed on it). I don’t want to put the title section in the exact center of every picture either because then it might cover up the important part of the actually image, thus reducing the level of eye-catchiness so to speak.

It’s kind of hard to believe this is one of the last weeks we have on this project. It doesn’t feel like it was that long.

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