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Week 14 Reflection

So this week I switched the game up a bit.

Instead of doing my standard city/country destinations, I did a post about 15 Festivals of the World You’ve Gotta See, which included where the festivals were held, when, and what they consisted of in summarized form. It was actually quite fun to hear about all these crazy events around the world for some of the craziest things. There is a day where people chase a roll of cheese down a hill, one where people stomp around, throw and get completely covered with tomatoes, another where it’s a giant food fight with oranges, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany is a week of beer that 6 million people show up for. Others are pretty epic, like the Ice & Snow Festival in Harbin China where they literally build a small, light-colored city of ice, or the Burning Man in Nevada where they create art, party, and burn stuff at night, or Holi, a Hindu holiday celebrating the coming of spring, and they drink an alcohol equivalent and throw powdered colors at each other in a display that is crazy but also very beautiful. Word count: 1100

Then I wrote a How to Pack a Backpack which literally goes through everything one needs to know about packing a light backpack for long-term travel. I sectioned it off in categories: space saving tips (general guidelines to save space in the pack), the backpack (what to look for in a backpack), what you need: organizers (products that are designed to organize travel packing), what you need: clothing (how many pieces of each item, what kind of item, and why, also includes some suggestions for doing laundry abroad), what you need: toiletries (basic items, makeup), what you need: first aid (pills that one might want to have abroad), what you need: accessories (the “other” little things that are easy to forget but very helpful like a flashlight, locks, umbrella, electronics, etc), what you need to avoid (things you should definitely not pack because they are tried and true wastes of space), and finally how to pack (what items go where in the pack). Word count: 1328

Even though, I didn’t do that third post – I think I’ll do two this coming week – I feel like I did way more work than in weeks previously. I am getting much faster about finding information, organizing it, finding pictures legally and attributing them, and all around writing the posts, but I think the details involved in the posts I chose this week were so fine that I had to put in more time, energy and thought.

One of the little things that I’m now an expert at are finding those pictures to use legally. I’ve been using and and going to “search the commons” at the top. It brings me to a page where I can type in what I’m looking for a picture of, it already has commercial use and adapt/modify selected, and then there are a bunch of different options for sites that I can search that provide pictures under creative commons licenses. My personal favorites are Wikimedia Commons and Google Images. Wikimedia is more informative (kind of obvious now that I think about it) and Google Images searches on a far larger scale (which is also very obvious in retrospect), both providing – for the most part – enough decent quality photos to supply my posts.

Due to the Festivals post, I used hell of a lot pictures. The only one I couldn’t find any decent photos for was the Cascamorras festival in Baza, Spain. It is a festival that is based on a legend about a stolen statue and the only way to get it back is for a man to run from one town to another without getting dirty while people throw grease and oil at him. Now hundreds of people run it and have a blast doing so. The only photo I could find looked fine on the website but it looked like crap when I tried to pull it up on my blog. I tried several different versions, reloading, etcetera, but nothing worked. So unfortunately, that particular section of the list was not graced with a picture.

I’m not worried though; the whole rest of the post was very colorful. (And I think I’ve become obsessed with the word “color” though I can’t understand why for the life of me. It just seems that no other word works in the sentence(s)…)


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