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Week 13 Reflection

So this week I had a grand ol’ time researching, writing, editing, and reformatting featured images for posts.

To start, my Destination category was about Where to Go in Germany and included castles with a bit of back story and statistics, cities with a list of sites/activities to do, the standard other category of places scattered across the country, and then for the first time, a section on food, which I just listed some of the staples and gave a brief description on them. Personally some Würste and Brot sounds amazing right about now! And throughout the post I made sure to sneak in some irrelevant but hopefully amusing commentary. Word count: 1781

My Tips category was on 20 Tips to Travel Safely that consisted of a list with exposition to explain/expound the leading title. I thought these tips/tricks were quite interesting and potentially vital for the safety of one traveling. Word count: 1212

Though I did not add a Travel Fiction post last week, I did this week called “Hannigalp” – Travel Fiction. This one was about a girl – Emma – staying with her mother in a Switzerland hotel and spa. Emma goes on a two day, 50 mile hike, which she realizes in the the present time of the piece was more than she should have taken on. During the brief work, she contemplates her actions, enjoys the scenery, and fantasizes on food, hot tubs, and massages awaiting her return and dreads her mother’s I-told-you-so smugness on her exhausted state. Word count: 480

So in addition to the actual posts required for the week, I also did some adjusting for the Featured Images on all my posts. I tried to keep it uniform, and after some fumbling, I settled on the same gold color found on my site for a transparent background between the image and the title of the post. The text would be centered, white, in Lucida Bright Regular, and Lucida Calligraphy Italic would be the emphasis to draw attention to the important part like “international,” “Germany,” “England,” “Paris,” and so on.

I’m pretty irritated with myself on the fact that I didn’t keep the photoshop copy of all the images. I can only use jpg on my site (like most), so I save the work I did on Photoshop as jpg, but it also prompts me to save the Photoshop file as well before I can close out of the program. I did that. Somewhere in my clearly sleep-deprived mind, I came up with the bright idea that I didn’t need those Photoshop files. At the time, I didn’t know that the jpg files flattened the layers I used during editing. So if I wanted to change the pictures, I couldn’t move the damn text. It’s stuck like that. Thankfully, I only had maybe three posts that were stuck. Everything else is pretty uniform, though I think I’ll have to fiddle around to see about sizing the photos properly because one of them looks strange in the homepage slider.

Anyway. Done.

Word count: 501

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