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Week 12 Reflection

So this week I believe I’ve massive improved the formatting on my posts. Before, I had several different styles mixed into one post, and it is not in any way visually appealing (and I’ll have to go back and edit that post…). So this time, I kept it simple.

For my Travel Tips category, I wrote Travel Resources You Need to Know! which is exactly as it sounds. I listed seven resources for travel covering topics like accommodation, transportation, travel insurance, and trip planning. For each, I made the title into a link, describe what the service was, and how one uses it. I had a great ol’ time this weekend doing the research on these websites, testing them out, and to be entirely honest, I played around and fiddled because why the heck not! Word count: 1142

Anyway, for my Destinations category, I wrote What to Do in Paris which listed and described eleven sites to see in the French capital. I also listed and linked a number of other destinations that I did not feel like researching and writing descriptions for at the end of the post. While I didn’t include photos in the previous post, this one was chock-full of them, using attributed Creative Commons photos. I had a wonderful time researching this, because Paris is the place to go and someday…someday… Word count: 1362

I did not write for my Imaginary Travel category, but then seeing as how two posts exceeding the word count intended for all three, I can’t really bring myself to feel guilty for slacking.

I forgot to assign Featured images to these posts for which I am a bit peeved at myself for. I need to transfer photos to a computer with Photoshop so I can make one of those Pinterest-styled images with the post title scripted over the picture. I have a version on my old computer and it has been a pain in my ass to transfer it over to my new one. I’ll probably end up using a school computer, which I loath because I’m stubborn like that.

Yup. That’s my week. I will (hopefully) improve my timing this coming week! You know, I’ll try anyway.


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