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Week 10 Reflection

I went into this class with every intention of using what I learned beyond it. Because of this, I invested into a BlueHost account with a yearly subscription for a pretty penny. I searched through a great number of templates, listed the ones I liked and after searching my soul while going through them, I narrowed it down to one called Black Bear. I had no desire to pay an additional $49.95 to have the website set up the template for me, so I spent a good hour and a half with the Help feature figuring out how to do this manually.

Once I finally figured that out, bouncing out of my seat in excitement at finally figuring out technology (or this little part of it, anyway), I went about choosing settings that I wanted. Initially, I struggled to visualize what exactly I was setting, so I used Lorem Ipsum and several photos I retrieved from the public domain to create example posts. From here, I made my top bar menu, my Featured section, the format of the Posts list, and adjusted the font, font size, and spacing for all the headings and the paragraphs.

Once I had the majority of everything in its place, I started on my first post called: How to: Prepare for International Travel under my category Travel Tips. I used a number of websites to get my information including a blog – The Points Guy – the federal international travel website, Travel ZooWikiHow, Travel and Leisure, and Fodors. Within the post, I had a numbered list of 16 things to do in order to prepare for traveling internationally, including some borderline ranting/commentary from me that I will have to go back and edit at some point. This had a word count of 1920.

The next post was in my Destinations category on Where to Go in England. I created several overall categories: Cities, English Castles, Places to Go & Things to Do in London. Under Cities, I listed 9 larger, notable cities and gave a brief overview of some sites and activities within each location. Within English Castles, I listed 12 castles with their locations in England and expanded on several (not all) of them according to my fancy. Places to Go, Things to Do in London was broken down into Museums (a list with links to the pages, no descriptions), Parks (list, no expansion necessary, I think), Classics (the iconic sites that everyone knows about without ever traveling there), and a basic Other category in which I linked and gave short definitions of places/activities people might not know as much about. This had a word count of 1314.

The final post was in what is currently dubbed the Imaginary Travel category (a working title) and simply called “London”. This category is essentially a collection of short stories that are based on pictures of travel locations. I find a picture and write a (very) short story on it. “London” was from the perspective of a traveler who is resting on a bench and overhears a conversation from a local mother and daughter. This had a word count of 559.

I continued to mess with the settings so there were several different methods with which to reach given posts: the top bar menu, the Slider, the Featured section, the Sidebar, and the list on the Home screen.

The Slider was a pain in the butt because it wouldn’t show up no matter what I did and then one day I tried it again, and it worked just fine. Dumb technology. :p

The Featured area worked, but I couldn’t link it to a page until I published the website, because I didn’t have a non-administrator URL yet.

Finally, I wrote a brief About section for my author’s profile in the Sidebar and a longer About piece for the actual website.

So this week was a busy one, and I think I overdid the first two posts a bit, seeing as how I completely went overboard on the word count I originally predicted. Oops. Overachieving maybe?


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