Reflections 3177

Week 6 Reflection

So this week wasn’t our most exciting, but it did have its interests.

I enjoyed leisurely exploring thoughts others have on Wikis: how they’re run, how they can be used, problems with them, functions, collaboration, personal use, etc.

I wrote on WikiAsAPersonalNotebook and listed a number of uses for wikis which I found from a couple articles on Life Hack. This was just as much for me as it was to share with others. I found myself imagining all the uses of a wiki I could use for myself.

I could use it for:

  • My fictional work
    • Links
    • Character profiles
    • Setting descriptions
    • Idea blurbs
    • Access while away from my own computer and get a crazy idea
  • College notes
    • No need to use all the extra paper
    • I can link to websites used in class for later perusal
  • Packing to and from school
  • Travel plans
    • Itinerary
    • Budget
    • Transportation/Accomodation
  • Keep quotes in one place
  • Etcetera

One of the best parts of this is that I would be able to access the information anywhere with internet, at any time. If my computer was damaged, lost, or stolen, I wouldn’t lose all my hard-earned work or information which is seriously a waking nightmare of mine.

Another place I worked on was WikiTheWriting. During my research for the rather vague topic, I found an article written by our dear teacher, one M.C. Morgan, called Getting Started Writing on a Wiki, which I found to be a nicely written piece that felt a little like the introduction to wikis in class…

The last place I worked on was StealingIdeas. This is something I do consider to be a regular concern and a viable one.

Wikis are a safe space if one is using a private wiki or using a more public one for the sake of conversation and collaboration. No one has access to your private wiki, not really, anyway. Conversation – on any topic – is really no cause for concern because one is only sharing thoughts and opinions that aren’t really concrete, steal-able (…not a word, but I don’t care…) works.

The concern lay in putting works of higher value on a public interface. If this is something one feels they wish to do, it may be better to link to a copyrighted website or some format in which there is greater legal controls in place. Wikis usually have a community mindset that resists bad behavior, but stealing or some other violation is always possible.

I firmly believe that anything you put in the public sphere needs to be something you’re willing to lose control of, because while it might never happen, it might just happen.

You should not expect the worst, but you damn-well better prepare for it.

It’s always a pleasure to see a new perspective on a subject. So far, the work on wikis has opened my eyes to a whole new part of cyberspace I didn’t know was a thing before now. I rather like it.

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