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Week 4 Reflection

So this week I got a new perspective on the idea of creating one’s self, regardless of medium.

I expect to see a picture of someone when I think “self-portrait.” Logically, I’m aware that one can create an “image” of one’s self through words or ideas, anything that is relevant to said individual, but it isn’t my first, gut expectation.

I hate to see myself in pictures more often than not; I’m super self-conscious about that sort of thing. So, for the 1st Self-Portrait, I found something that I liked, something vague and interpretive, but still somewhat defining. I used a picture from a YouTube video and described how I used it.

When I went about reading for this week, I realized that I usually go about the internet with a total different goal and expectation than others. I go to websites to learn something; I go seeking something. I want to find something entertaining, informative, something to compare myself to or improve myself, see how other people live, research for homework, or surf interesting things for facts I can later spew to my friends.

I never thought about the internet as a place to go to define myself. Or a place for others to present (represent?) themselves to me. 

When I think about posting to social media, I want to share my life with people I know, show them (my mom) that I still exist outside my dorm room – which I usually don’t. Or, in the world of blogging, I want to help people learn the things that I wanted to learn and had to figure out for myself.

That’s what I did in the first post: I explained something I discovered and enjoyed that others might not have thought of.

In the 2nd Self-Portrait, I went more with the idea of “definition.” I sat down and let my brain spew forth things that were on my mind in single words, things significant to me now: goals, hopes, characteristics, people, etc.

I let my mind vomit all over the word cloud, and that post is what resulted.

I rather enjoyed this week, because I’ve wondered before how one comes up with an internet identity. Sometimes who you are as a whole isn’t what you want to post as.

If you are working in a specific niche like travel, your views on knitting are – more than likely – irrelevant to your usual audience.

Isn’t word vomit the best thing ever, though? The things that come out…


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