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Self-Portrait 1.0

2017-02-03-1I’m quite proud of myself for discovering this little niche of mine.

On YouTube, if you search “epic music playlists,” you can find hour-long to ten-hours-long collections of truly awesome music – usually without lyrics, though there are exceptions – from groups like Two Steps from Hell or genres like Dubstep or this epic kind of Orchestral.

The image is one such video, Beautiful Chillstep – #27 | Runaway. The Featured image is also from a YouTube video.

On a side note, the pictures can be pretty awesome, too.

This is wonderful because I can listen to it while working on homework or writing my own stories without having lyrics distract me; I can type to the beat/rhythm; I can drown out the sounds of loud, obnoxious people who don’t understand the concept: library = respectful whispers/silence.

I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this. Epic music, folks!


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