Reflections 3177

Week 3 Reflection

So this week, if I disregard my inability to stay on top of deadlines, I had a very interesting time.

I’m still trying to figure out some of the plugins and widgets, to connect my menu to my posts, things like that, but I have to put some more time into that.

Blood and Rettberg had some good information regarding the history of blogs that I never considered before. Rettberg went a step further and creating blog categories. Of course, both articles are a decade older or more, so there is even more available in cyberspace now than what they knew then.

Regarding the given activities/assignments, I enjoyed searching through various blogs to discover what other people saw blogs as and what they went through to maintain their audience, even make money off the experience.

Personally, though, I enjoyed researching about travel bloggers the most, simply because this is my point of interest currently. People travel the globe, see awe-inspiring things, make money as they go, and take risks in far-away places. It is something I would enjoy doing at some point.  

I think I might have written more than necessary on my posts, though, because I look at the work others have done and the result is far more condensed than mine. Whoops?

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See Also: Blood & Rettberg







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