Reflections 3177

Week 1 and 2 Reflection

So. The first week of Weblogs & Wikis, course 3177,  at Bemidji State University, I have set up a blog on Word Press, set up a Twitter account, created a Gravatar, and begun posting.

Twitter was not too difficult as it usually just consists of Retweeting some picture or video, possibly with my own commentary.

Gravatar gave me a bit of crap when I was trying to set my picture. I wanted to use a picture I had taken, so I uploaded it and placed the box around the part of the picture I wanted to be shown. Then I would hit continue, and it would just circle me back around to select an image. Somehow – I don’t know how – I got it to go through. Frustrating hour, that was.

Blogging on my Word Press site required me to put my neck out a bit more than I’m used to. I’ve read a lot of different blogs, so I have a general idea of what one should look like, but I still hesitated on the voice I wanted to portray through my posts.

As a Creative Writing Major, one with a focus on the fiction aspect, I found myself falling into a similar voice as I would write a narrator in a piece of fiction: casual professionalism with a touch of my own natural sarcasm.

Topics were also a bit touchy, but I found myself talking about topics that I had taken notice of recently and had content for ranting. One situation was my frustration with negative sigmas on my generation that I wrote in a letter format and titled: Sincerely, a Millennial. The second wasn’t actually a rant but a brief post about 5 New Zealand Musts, places on my bucket list that I briefly described and linked to other bloggers who have actually been to said places. The last post was almost a review, though slightly ranting, about weddings and, more specifically, my cousin’s wedding, that I called: Weddings: Yay or Nay.

All in all, I really enjoyed the experience of putting myself out there and writing about things that are in my head right now. I could almost considered it a stress relief.

Then Week 2 starts and everything gets that little bit harder.

We are thrown a bit further into the chaos in order to figure out what the heck RSS is and how it relates to Feedly, and I still don’t quite known how to connect my blog to said website. I do think I might get interested in using Feedly personally, as well as for this class, because it gives me an opportunity to become and stay informed on things that I normally would not stay up to date on. I don’t know how to connect to others on the class, though. I couldn’t figure out how to find out what each person’s name was supposed to be: their blog name or their name.

The Blogroll was an interesting thing to find out about. I’ve developed a strong interest in some travel blogs outside this class and love the idea of having access to them all in one place and on my own blog to top it all off. It’s nice to be able to access others’ blogs easily too, without having to look them up every time. I initially struggled with finding the Link Menu. I figured this out when I finally paid attention to this bit that kept popping up in the Help section about adding wp-admin to the end of my blog’s URL. Frustrating website! Or stupid, blind Me. Not sure which.

Finally I did a post on copyright and all the junk that entails – stupid legal crap – called Creative Commons, IP and Copyright.  That was fun to write… Totally serious right now. Promise. You should definitely believe me. Yup.

So I had to work my ass off to figure this stuff out. Not because this is hard but because it is tedious. Unfortunately, it was necessary tedium. At the beginning of every learning process, there is that groan-inducing stuff that leaves you with a strong baseline for everything else you will learn on the subject. Of course, this baseline comes with a nasty habit of banging one’s head against random hard surfaces and strange expressions on the faces of the unfortunate witnesses.

Now on to Week 3. Can you hear the exultant joy exuding from this writing right now? I swear it ought to be radiating. Poisonous radiation sort of radiating…

Like I’m-about-to-drag-you-down-with-me, you-better-run, sort of joy right now…



2 thoughts on “Week 1 and 2 Reflection”

  1. I had the same issues with using Gravatar. I uploaded at least five different photos before it let me use a photo. It would tell me I had the photo uploaded, but then it wouldn’t show up in comments. I looked up help and for me, it was the rating on my photo. WordPress won’t let your photo have any higher than a G rating to show up. Once I changed the rating, it worked. I also don’t know how to announce the blog posts to the Daybook. We don’t have a reflection due until next Monday, so hopefully I will figure it out before then.


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