5 New Zealand Musts

This is a brief view of my waking dreams that could be added to your own bucket list. Let’s be real: we want to go everywhere!


  1. Glow Worm Caves (photo above by:  Backpacker Guide )

These beautiful caves can be found on a number of the islands, locations available on Backpacker Guide’s blog here or above.

2. Milford Sound (photo: Hand Luggage Only )


Located on New Zealand’s South Island, Milford Sound is a glacier-carved, postcard picture of heart-stopping waterfalls and mountains and can be seen by the Milford Track, a hiking trail, by a boat cruise, or sea kayaking for those inclined.

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3. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

View at beautiful Emerald lakes on Tongariro Crossing track, Ton

In Tongariro National Park on the North Island, you can hike this Crossing in a day and let yourself drool a bit at the stunning Emerald Lakes and enrapturing volcanic activity.

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4. Lake Pukaki


On the South Island, you can find the otherworldly Lake Pukaki highlighted by the Southern Alps, two hours outside of Cantebury.

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5. The Mermaid Pools (photo by: New Zealand Travel )


If there’s any desire to feel like a mermaid, or maybe you just like water, you can appreciate these fascinating pools in Tutukaka, New Zealand.


I hope I was able to antagonize you into going for a little jaunt over to New Zealand or, at the very least, added to your bucket list!


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