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Sincerely, a Millennial

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To Generation X and beyond,

I must address the tendency of your members to looked down on us Millennials due to what is often called “over-sensitivity.” Disregarding all other generalizations between us, I believe this is sometimes taken too far.

Quite often, I will see/hear disdainful comments about “being too sensitive.” You older generations look at us and see a vocal generation demanding for more from you and faster.

In response, I must point out who taught us this, who instigated this. It didn’t suddenly appear in our genetics simply because we were born in the ’80s and ’90s. Those little chromosomes did not look to each other in the womb and say, “Oh, we’ve reach the 1980s, we need to adjust our chemical composition to promote sensitivity.”

Nope. We were taught that from a young age. By whom? You. We were taught to be the way we are by those who came before us. More specifically, by those who dissatisfied by the way they were raised, by those who wished they got special treatment every so often.

Now what are we demanding?

Most of you would simply reply with the standard materialistic things: smartphones, games, money, cars, clothes, makeup, etcetera.

I can be honest: you are not wrong. But that is hardly limited to our generation.

It is also not the whole picture.

We Millennials also demand a level of equality not yet seen in previous generations. We want to see each other as people who are worthy because they are people. We want to look around and see people, not genders, races, sexual orientations, financial statuses, or any number of stereotypical titles.

No matter how hard I squint, this is not something to scorn.

We are not perfect. Neither are you.

Sometimes we are too sensitive and probably could let things go. Sometimes you are inconsiderate and should have a little faith in those you raised.

I suggest a compromise: we relax a bit and you will not resort to asshole-ish tendencies under the guise of innocent frustrations.


A Millennial


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