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Week 12 Reflection

So this week I believe I've massive improved the formatting on my posts. Before, I had several different styles mixed into one post, and it is not in any way visually appealing (and I'll have to go back and edit that post...). So this time, I kept it simple. For my Travel Tips category, I… Continue reading Week 12 Reflection

Reflections 3177

Week 10 Reflection

I went into this class with every intention of using what I learned beyond it. Because of this, I invested into a BlueHost account with a yearly subscription for a pretty penny. I searched through a great number of templates, listed the ones I liked and after searching my soul while going through them, I… Continue reading Week 10 Reflection

Reflections 3177

Week 6 Reflection

So this week wasn't our most exciting, but it did have its interests. I enjoyed leisurely exploring thoughts others have on Wikis: how they're run, how they can be used, problems with them, functions, collaboration, personal use, etc. I wrote on WikiAsAPersonalNotebook and listed a number of uses for wikis which I found from a couple articles… Continue reading Week 6 Reflection

Reflections 3177

Week 4 Reflection

So this week I got a new perspective on the idea of creating one's self, regardless of medium. I expect to see a picture of someone when I think "self-portrait." Logically, I'm aware that one can create an "image" of one's self through words or ideas, anything that is relevant to said individual, but it… Continue reading Week 4 Reflection

Reflections 3177

Self-Portrait 1.0

I'm quite proud of myself for discovering this little niche of mine. On YouTube, if you search "epic music playlists," you can find hour-long to ten-hours-long collections of truly awesome music - usually without lyrics, though there are exceptions - from groups like Two Steps from Hell or genres like Dubstep or this epic kind of Orchestral. The… Continue reading Self-Portrait 1.0

Reflections 3177

Week 3 Reflection

So this week, if I disregard my inability to stay on top of deadlines, I had a very interesting time. I'm still trying to figure out some of the plugins and widgets, to connect my menu to my posts, things like that, but I have to put some more time into that. Blood and Rettberg had some… Continue reading Week 3 Reflection


The Internet Says Blogging is…

(Above photo called space by Sweetie187, Attribution Creative Commons License) What is a Blog? Initially during my search through the vast and intimidating internet, I found the classic - *cough* cliche *cough* - definitions like by John Saddington in a nerdy, Webster style: "online journal/diary; online journalism; regular posts," etc. Nothing new or impressive, though I suppose it would be… Continue reading The Internet Says Blogging is…